​Keeping your horse fit over the holidays

​Keeping your horse fit over the holidays

Nortev Ltd on 21st Dec 2021

Staying in shape over the holidays can be difficult for us – holiday parties, family gatherings, treats, and edible gifts are around every corner. When you’re a horse owner, you have not just yourself to worry about, but your four-legged partner, too.

With temperatures dropping, horse shows on hold until the new year, and busy schedules abound, it’s easy to let your horse’s fitness fall by the wayside. But before you know it, those 2022 indoor tournaments or sunshine tours will be in full swing. With a little planning and the help of our Flexineb technology, you can ensure your horse can maintain its conditioning level while enjoying some holiday leisure time.

Here are our top tips to keep fit this December:

  1. Speed of delivery varies depending on how viscous the solution is that you are nebulizing however, most sessions take between 10 to 15 minutes. Use the Flexineb E3 while you tack up.

In the winter months, stables have less ventilation and horses spend more time inside, breathing in dust particles and debris from stalls and bedding. Using the Flexineb E3 before your ride optimizes and opens up your horse’s airways and helps prevent coughs and runny noses. Warm up more efficiently and improve your horse’s stamina after just the first session.

Source: https://flexineb.com/content/papers/Inhalation%20Therapy%20in%20Horses.pdf

  1. No time to ride? Go for a longe.

Longeing your horse on days when your schedule is tight will give them the opportunity to stretch their legs and get out of their stall, even if you don’t have time for a full training session. Longeing rigs and training aids can help your horse maintain conditioning and stay focused on the job, rather than just going for a buck and a play.

  1. Set up a raised pole course.

If your jumps are put away for the holiday season, pull out a few poles and cavalettis instead. A curved line of carefully set poles can help both the rider maintain straightness and precision, while giving the horse a task that requires a little extra impulsion. As a rule, trot poles should be about four and a half feet apart, but adjustments to make them slightly shorter or longer can make the exercise more challenging.

Source: https://www.fei.org/stories/lifestyle/teach-me/3-exercises-train-your-horse-using-5-ground-poles

  1. When weather permits, try a hack in the snow!

When the sun is shining and the temperatures are favorable, a ride outside in the snow can be a helpful training aid for muscle development. Even just walking or trotting in a snow covered field or arena will require your horse to use new and different muscles and can increase their stamina. Be sure to survey the area on foot first to ensure there is no hidden ice or objects under the snow.

Source: https://www.fei.org/stories/lifestyle/teach-me/tips-winter-riding-snow-and-ice

5. Use the Flexineb E3 as part of your post-ride recovery.

Riding in the winter brings cooler, drier air which can lead to lung and airway irritation and even bleeding. Using the Flexineb E3 as part of your recovery process can aid in the health of your horse’s respiratory system.

Adding the Flexineb E3 to your training regimen doesn’t require any additional time – it can be easily used before and/or after your ride and once it’s affixed to the horse’s nose, you can go about the rest of your tacking up or cool down routine. The battery-operated system has no cords and can hold a charge for up to four hours of use.

Source: https://flexineb.com/about-flexineb-e3/

Protect your horse’s respiratory system and performance from the cold, dry weather and pesky stable dust. Learn more about how the Flexineb E3 can benefit you and find a representative in your area.