Nortev Website - Cookies, V1

Last Revised: January 10, 2019

Nortev Ltd. cares about your privacy and that is why we want to share what happens with your personal data when you provide it to us. Within this Cookie Policy (“Policy”) you will find information regarding cookies. Please read this Cookie Policy in conjunction with our Privacy Policy, which sets out additional details on personal data is used and your rights.

Who are we?
Your personal data collected through cookies on the Nortev Canada website is administered by Nortev Ltd, incorporated in Canada.

What are cookies?
“Cookies,” collectively, refer to the files which contain information which are downloaded to any internet enabled device, including computers, smartphones and tablets when a website is visited. Cookies were designed to be a reliable mechanism for websites to remember stateful information or to record the user's browsing activity. A web beacon is one of various techniques used on web pages or email, to unobtrusively allow checking that a user has accessed some content. Web beacons are typically used by third parties to monitor the activity of users at a website for the purpose of web analytics or page tagging. We use cookies and web beacons so we can offer faster, personalized and efficient access upon your return to our website.

What information is collected?
We collect information regarding your IP address, operating system, internet service provider, the software, the search engine and keywords used to find our site, the pages viewed on our site, the dates and times you accessed our website, and geolocation information.

What types of cookies do we use?
We use the cookies collected to improve content and learn about our visitors’ habits on the website. For these purposes, we and our service providers may use the following categories of cookies on the Website:

  1. Essential: Critical for the operation of the website. We may use essential cookies to authenticate you as a user, carry out a transmission of a communication or to offer features of the site to you.
  2. Functional: Allow the website to remember choices you make, like username, language, currency and region to provide an improved experience on the site.
  3. Performance: These cookies do not identify you as an individual. They collect information about the number of website visitors and how they interact with the site. 
  4. Advertising: Used to deliver advertisements that are relevant to you and your interests. They record your visit to the site, pages visited and the links followed. They also help limit the number of times you see an advertisement. 
  5. Social: Based on social media plug-ins. These are hosted by a third party or directly on our site.

Specific cookies include, but are not necessarily limited to: 

  • fornax_anonymousId
  • beacon_vis
  • beacon_vid
  • beacon_typ
  • beacon_reftyp
  • beacon_ref
  • beacon_ratr
  • beacon_lnd
  • beacon_id

How to opt out:
If you wish to opt out, please follow the steps below. Please note, you will continue to see advertisements but they will not be custom to your interests:

Update your browser settings:
You can prevent your browser from tracking generally by updating your browser settings, utilizing private/incognito mode, or using browser add-ons. Visit your browser’s support page or use the help function to learn how to do this.

“Ad Choices” Tools:
You can also utilize tools to opt-out from targeted advertising from our site and across the internet through tools provided by the advertisement industry. Examples include:  

“Ad Choices” for Mobile Apps:
If you are visiting our website through your mobile device’s web browser, follow the instructions above. To opt-out of target advertising through mobile apps: 

  • Apple iOS
    • Settings > Privacy > Advertising.
    • Turn on “Limit Ad Tracking”
    • Visit the Apple support page for more information.

  • Google Android
    • Settings
    • Select “Google” under “Accounts”
    • Select “Ads” under “Privacy”
    • 4. Tick Opt out of interest based ads.
    • Visit the Google support page for more information.

  • Microsoft Windows
    • Settings > Privacy > Advertising ID
    • Turn off “Let apps use my advertising ID for experiences across apps”
    • Visit the Microsoft support page for more information.


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